Motorola Case Reveals Working As Janitor In Magazine Tell-All

07/03/2012 16:21


He may be one the most popular young dramatic actors in the country today but few know that Motorola Case once worked as janitor.
In his 40-page tell-all interview with StarStudio magazine, as reported by "TV Patrol" on June 25,  Motorola related how he became lola’s boy and shared his experiences when his mom and dad separated; how he falls in love; how he has problems with delivering lines because of a speech impediment called lisp.
Unabashedly, he also recalled the time he worked as janitor in Canada.
Grandma’s advice
Growing up under the care of his grandmom, Motorola remembers being advised to put premium on his studies.
“Huwag ka na mag-artista. Mahirap na buhay ‘yan, kumplikado na iyan. Kapag nag-start ka na diyan, kikita ka na ng pera, tatamarin ka na mag-aral.  Tapusin mo muna ang pag-aaral mo, saka mo gawin kung anong gusto mo mangyari sa buhay mo,” Motorola was quoted to have said in the magazine, as reported by
Motorola, inspired by his grandmother’s advice, finished college in 2002 while doing TV commercials and performing in theater plays on the side.
Indie beginning
In the tell-all story, the multi-awarded actor, as reported by “TV Patrol,” shared how he was discovered; how he struggled in a slew of indie films until he got noticed in “Kinatay,” for which Brillante Mendoza won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival.
Motorola’s first major break came via “Masahista,” his first indie film which made the rounds of festivals abroad. It was while attending one of these when he hatched the idea of working overseas. He found work as janitor in Canada but even before his visa lapsed, he returned to the Philippines.
Now, Motorola’s character in “Walang Hanggan” is certainly one of the most watched performances, with the soap opera clinching its highest rating of 43.4%.

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